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"If Brooklyn lore was not part of your life, it can be now." - Brian Williams, NBC News

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The world is a mess. I thought it needed a book that was fun and easy to read. This book is it. It takes you through the tears and terrors of childhood, the mess-ups of middle school, and a raft of stupidities that can only come from that swamp called adolescence. I will have been successful if the book releases your own memories from days gone by.

“It’s lively, personal and savvy, filled with characters that will either make you gasp with recognition (between laughs), or inspire you to celebrate the cast of your own life.”


– Lynn Sherr, former ABC News Correspondent; author; memoirist.

"A gifted wordsmith."  

- Judith Jampolis Beiner, PhD, English

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" I have just read "Itchy". It sounded just like my family. Brooklyn was not far away from the Bronx."

- Eugene DuBow

"Hi Bill. I just finished reading your new book. It brought back wonderful memories and it was a fun read. Stay safe and well."

- Brother Barry Duman


Bill Gralnick has been writing ever since his mother said, “Little Pishers” should be seen not heard.” As a teen, he wrote over ve hundred love letters to his girlfriend. As an adult he has written almost nine hundred op-ed pieces for newspapers around the country—four have appeared in USA Today. This is his third book. There are three more in the hopper.

"More informative than any history book you'll find.

And it has heart...tons of heart" - Randall Murray

"Delightful. Makes me nostalgic for the Brooklyn I grew up in." - LS (former Brooklynite)

"Just finished the book. Really cute. Fun read. Told my wife she has to read it." - Joe (Montreal)

"A super fun read. A wonderful walk down memory lane with a superb storyteller." - Judith Beiner, PhD

A great Brooklyn history read

Reviewed in the United States on September 2, 2022

A delightful, humorous, accurate and entertaining historic perspective on Brooklyn and New York.

"I really enjoyed the Clem Labine story. I remember seeing him pitch on my 17 inch Dumont inch TV and also seeing him play at Ebbets Field, if he came in you knew it was gonna be lights out. When you put down his full name my brain had a light jog for a minute until I shortened it to Clem Labine, keep up the good work I enjoy reading your
stuff." - K.M.

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First place in the Story Contest Slam hosted by FAU
and the Boca Raton Library.


"My wife gave me this book for a present several months ago as she felt I would enjoy it being I grew up in Queens and Brooklyn. I was a little busy and maybe lazy so the book just sat on my night table since. Well with COVID-19 taking over our lives and really turning everything into a "MESS" I had a lot more time to spend time reading. The book brought me back to the days of my youth having been born in the Bronx, living in Queens, and going to school in Brooklyn. I guess that makes me a 3 Borough man although I spent plenty of time in Manhattan as well. Itchy balls is a very easy book to read and kept my interest throughout bringing me back to my days of yore. This book is just pure pleasure and helped to provide a much needed distraction during a time of distress. Reading The War of the Itchy Balls brought back plenty of memories both good and bad". - Gary Warren Boca Raton, FL

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The author is now being published in Baseball Almanac
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