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If you would like to book me for an event, or book signing, please contact me at

I will share stories from my two books. I am confident your audience will enjoy the stories from my early years growing up in Brooklyn and my college years at George Washington University.

"I enjoyed the breezy writing style. It flows. Like a movie. It's realistic about what college life was at GWU in the early to mid-60s. The vibe of urban college life in the nation's capital complete with fraternities rings true, because it is true. Washington DC was an urban context unique from most others because of its federal government focus. That added a particular hue to the coloration of the events you described and heightened the nuance of town/gown interactions. Potential readers will find it so as well. You use self-deprecation in a charming way without over doing it. It invites the reader to take this journey of remembrance with you. You don't come across a "Joe-College" BMOC type and that's good. You weren't one. More people relate to you. It's not, fortunately, Animal House so it doesn't have to be an antidote."


Those are my thoughts, superficial though they may read.

- RD, Buffalo, New York

"The book touched me in many ways. Nostalgia for a life that was. The boyhood you carry with you into old age. So it’s a book of mostly joyous memory, in which, at the end, you remember other things, but don’t go into them. In Brooklyn it was all intense and precious and absurd at the same time, and even back then I think we knew it."

- Stephen Bluestone

A Good Time Was Had By All

168 people listened to Bill speak about his hometown, Brooklyn, New York to the Brooklyn Club

If you have a group that is looking for a speaker,

contact Bill about the particulars at

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