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"I thoroughly enjoyed this book" - Steven Bayme

That's Why They Call It Work is the final book of a three-part memoir that chronicles the author's life. All three were written as stand-alone volumes. Brooklyn born and raised, the author writes with Brooklyn wit along with a Brooklyn cadence. George Washington Never Slept Here is self-explanatory. The title of That's Why They Call It Work comes from the author's response to his son who noted that work was hard, to which the author replied, "That's why they call it work." Readers are taken on a train of words that carries them through six states and a dozen or so cities. There are episodes that evoke fear, wonderment, challenges to believability, and some good old- fashioned belly laughs. Unique to this book are quotations from famous writers about writers and writing—some that are quite surprising.

"Bill Gralnick, long-time Jewish communal professional, memoirist, and marvelous raconteur, trains his perceptive eyelids and memories o n his early years working in the Deep South for a national Jewish organization. His observations are riveting, and history-telling capacities simultaneously enlightens and keeps t h e reader i n stitches. The earlier volumes i n this trilogy focused on his Brooklyn childhood and adolescence and his college years a t George Washington University. This concluding volume ,as do the previous two, combines broad insight and good humor with cogent and precise analysis about America, the Jewish community, and the youthful experiences that were the foundations of a distinguished career in public service. A wonderful read!"
- StevenBayme, Director of Jewish Communal Affairs,  American Jewish Committee (Retired)

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book: it was insightful and entertaining; it revealed the character of the author, his sense of humor, and the multitude of his life experiences with famous and infamous people. I found myself cheering for him as he shared his many accomplishments. My interest in this book was also influenced by similar interests, pursuits and experiences to those described by the author These experiences enabled me t o appreciate the challenges faced by the author, and the manner in which he achieved success.In his conclusion, the author states that this book'... deals with the reality of life—work. The humor used to convey his perspective on work made it a most enjoyable read."
- Stuart Silver, Esq., Executive Director (Retired), Jewish Community Relations Council,
South County Jewish Federation

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