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"I enjoyed it immensely," - Lisa D. Moore - Class of '76

We need a respite from a messy world. George Washington Never Sleep Here, is a fun memoir full of smiles and guffaws. The reader is taken through the mistakes, miseries, and missteps made during six years of college and graduate school. Set mostly outside the classroom, it's week one of adjustment, professors, dormitories, fraternities and girls.


A cameo of the author up to seventeen, this book is a pinata of stories for the reader who in turn laughs in the revelry of times gone by. In sum, George Washington Never Sleep Here says, "Try me. You'll like me."

"I enjoyed it immensely. Bill brings back the college memoirs for every generation. His stories are timeless. Thanks for a lovely stroll down memory lane."

- Lisa D. Moore, Class of '76

  National Advisor Board GW Hillel

"I read's good. It's very good!"

- Dr. Stephen J. Trachtenberg, 15th President of the

  George Washington University

"Just like George Washington, Bill Gralnick tells no lies! Hysterical tales from Bill's student days."

- Steven L. Abrams, Executive Director, South Florida      Regional Transportation Authority, Former Councilman and Mayor of Boca Raton, Florida

"I love it, it is so sad to me that these days are gone. If anything, I feel sorry for the Millennials and Z'ers who missed all of this. Maybe if they read the book, they can get a feel for what a wonderful time this was in America. I can't wait to read the next book." - Anthony J. Catanese, President Emeritius, Florida Atlantic Universtiy

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